NASCAR Kart Racing Cheats For Wii

  1. Extra boost before a race

    Before a race starts, after you hear the announcer say "Start your engines", repeatedly tap A and you will get extra boost.

    Contributed by: wwerules24 

  2. Unlockable drivers

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the Dirt Series Billy and Bobby Backfire
    Win 51 trophies Joey Logano
    Beat the Street Series Kelly Kates and Linda Leadbetter
    Beat the Euro Series Maurice L'eclair and Monica Torres
    Win 43 trophies Richard Petty
    Beat the Xtreme Series Shakes McDaniel and Thriller Tadwell
    Beat the Muscle Series Terri Winsome and Luke Trigger

    Contributed by: wwerules24 

  3. Unlockable Driver Password

    To enter the code, go to settings, then password.

    Effect Effect
    426378 You get Joey Logano as a driver

    Contributed by: DKRF