A great looking, but not so great playing GBA racing game.

User Rating: 6.6 | NASCAR 2000 GBC
Racing games aren't really easy to make on the Gameboy Color. It can't hold much in graphics but Nascar 2000 looks great. Just it hasn't nailed down the gameplay parts yet. The music in the game gets old fast and the sound effects don't sound so good.

When you start up Nascar 2000 for the GBC, you are greeted with a great track and car selection. It doesn't really matter which car you choose, they are all well rounded so basically whichever one you think looks the best. Then you go on that track and race. The graphics are very good for the Gameboy Color. This is the best looking racing game I've played on the handheld. The racing is solid for the most part but it is on the easy side and not fast and intense like games like Burnout.

The graphics are very detailed and overall some of the best I've seen on the Gameboy Color. The sound however is not. The background music gets old about as soon as you hear it and the cars don't sound even close to realism. It just sounds like humming.

Nascar 2000 may be one of the most impressive looking Gameboy Color games out there but certainly does not play the best. If you're a racing junkie you may want to give this a try.