I like this game and for this i make a good review .

User Rating: 10 | Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress PSP
OK , let's start .

Gameplay 10/10
Sure that is a fighting game , soo have a lot of stages , mugenjo is soo great but is boring if you play continues .

Sound 10/10
Good songs , very good songs i like very much starting song .

Characters 9.5/10
I want more characters , where is kankuro , temari , baki , cursed seal sasuke , naruto fox , kurenai , asuma ? At itachi i think is a big problem he use armaterasu , and after that is moonwalk . That is wrong moonwalk is after tsukiomy .

Graphic 9/10
I think is a 2D game not a 3D , make a change please .

ok m that game have some problems but is with naruto soo is good , i play that game a lot , i love it , play it too , if you want i will give you my savegames . I am soo happy because naruto accel 3 and akatuski rising are on the way for psp , i will play them day and night .