This has to be the wors game on naruto!!!!

User Rating: 6 | Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress PSP
This game is terrible. it has no originality or quality. why dont they make a good game out of naruto, i mean no game of naruto got higher than 7.5! This game is boring and it will put you right to sleep. i am a naruto fan but, i'm sorry this has to be the worst game i played. naruto ultimate ninja 3 is much better. more characters and it is original. The people that made this game stole it from the naruto ultimate ninja series. They changed the special moves which suck and the justsu. They also changed some of the backrounds. They stroy line is broing too. I don't get it at all. What the people changed about this game made the game worse! The first one was kinda of better but still bad. I dont own this game i just borowed it from a friend and he said that he only rent it. I can see why becasue this game is not worth a full purchase. It is not worth the wait. The company that makes the naruto games should think of somehing better. I don't think they even put some thought into it! atleast they are going to make naruto ultimate nnja STORM, i cant wait even though i dont have the system. Anyway I never thought that i would give a naruto game such a low score.