one of the best naruto game on portable my short/best reviews

User Rating: 7.5 | Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress PSP
the graphic are nice.its just like a ps2,i think this is not bad graphic for a psp game

the sounds was great,it was loud,good enough for a psp

Gameplay -7/10
well,we know that the gameplay is just a bit different from the ps2 naruto ulitimate ninja series and also psp naruto ultimate ninja heroes 1.not much diffrence from the other game,but there are new mode such as the mugenjo,its a bit tired to play the mugenjo especially if u have only the battle room scroll.
the quiz was quite fun too,if u are a naruto fan,surely u can anwser the qustion.tree climbing was a bit hard but still fun.
there are also heroes mode.i din't play that mode yet but surely its still the same as heroes mode on naruto ultimate ninja heroes 1

value - 6/10
so,thats it..
firstly after i played this game i wanted to rate it more than 9.0
but after seeing few users rating,i think about this game again..its not really perfect..but its not bad afterall
but better rent first..for once in your life,do the right thing.