The Ultimate Naruto game by far!

User Rating: 10 | Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3 PS2
Well I have to say I loved playing this game. It is was a giant step from the all Naruto games before. Lets start on the story mode. At first I was kind of mad because it cut out a lot battles (should be fixed in the next one) like sasuke vs kakashi, Haku, and Orcimaru. The last part of story mode was good it kept the battles. Bring back the battles should be something done in the next one. Ultimate contest was great rp mode way better than nuc2. The first part was pretty good they made it take just the right amount of time to get done with. The second was pretty fun you had to give people presents and than date them. I won't lie finding Sasuke 2 times was like real hard for me. It also had quite a couple rp things their as extra. Now on to mission mode it was awsome, but should have more missions. One bad thing for mission mode was that it doesn't tell you what you need to do for the battle and that way you couldn't pick the right character and buy the right item in your item stock. Infinite mission thing was a good bonus because it became a way to get 9,999,999 ryo. BIG TIP don't do the buying thing from the market until you get 9,999,999 ryo. A great to earn the ryo is to do the leaf story in slots. The game fighting was just great nothing better you can see what you are doing. The fighting moves were made different for each character unlike bbz:bt3,/2/1. They added some awesome features to the fighting so the fighting alone gets 10.00. The graphics were just right not pencil, but not 3-D. I love these kind of graphics. Well that was my review of Naruto Ultimate NInja 3. The greatest Naruto game ever.