one of the best naruto games

User Rating: 8.5 | Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2 PS2
naruto ultimate ninja 2 is VERY similar to naruto ultimate ninja just more charecters and one only story mode.the game is easy to play and controls are normal. ultimate mode is the story mode were you can explore world of naruto or just konoha. you can custumise charecters energy (cakra) runing hiting and more. irukas training is noting interestig to play. tanzaku market is were you can buy stuff and narutos house is were you can watch the stuff you bough. vs. dual is 2 player or vs computer. charectars in vs dual are 40 or 30 i cant remember. you can unlock charecters in ultimate story. its a great mode to paly with friends. the sound is annoying time to time . graphics are normal and gameplay is great. overall

graphics 9/10

sound 8/10

gameplay 10/10

for naruto fans this game is great =D