well the story was o.k. but i spent forever on it because of fight with orochimaru and nine tail naruto...

User Rating: 9 | Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2 PS2
like i said the story was fun and challenged your ability every now and then
but it was waaaaaaaaaaay too short...well if your good at it atleast i got too good at it and now im bored so now im doin all the missions naruto ultimate ninja 2 is also a good time waster on multiplayer with the ability to block secret techniques and jutsu preperations it makes the game fun especially since the computer are clueless when it comes to secret techniques so there easy to beat-- that is unless you put the computer level up a level or two.... and like i said now im doin all the missions im having a rough time because there harder than the story mode itself...ummm... purchases on the game right umm... you can like buy guide ninjas like the person that explains everything for you incase you get stuck on deciding what to do like ultimate road( story mode)
or just multiplayer you can buy ninja info cards which are pictures and you can buy music you can buy video and thats alot of stuff to save your money for especially since its expensive after awhile when you buy alot of stuff... the only thing i dislike is that peoples mouth just move up and down i mean but im not expect there lips to follow along with the words perfectly but they could do a little better