Is there anyone who doesn't abuse......

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characters with over powered jutsus, overpowered supports, team ultimates, ultimates, and etc?  Because every match I ran into someone who does the majority of what I listed.  I just want to have a good, clean match.  I don't even play rank cause of all of the nonsense, but still run into people who sucks the fun out of the game.  I won quite a bit in storm 2 and I was bored of playing even when I was winning due to always running into the same supports, characters, and gameplay.  And the flawed additions just made playing of Generations just adds to the problems. 

All I want is to have a match against some people who have fun with the game.  And when I say fun I don't mean winning.  A match were I don't see the usual teams like Masked Man, Hidan, and Pain team.  A match were I don't have to deal with awakening spam.  A match were I don't see someone mindlessly spamming the team ultimate.  

That almost sounds like something that is too much to ask.  LOL!  But I will try anyway.  I only met one person that I didn't mind playing.  I wonder if I can at least meet about ten people who plays for fun before the year is out. 


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Well add me to your friends list then if your on PS3. My ID is Priotess. :) im always up for some fair fun matches.