Cyberconnect 2 cleary listened to fan feedback resulting in a game full of fan service.

User Rating: 8.5 | Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm 3 PS3
You eather love Naruto for its exciting ninja action and beloved characters. Or hate it because of the main character can be so annoying. Well eather case. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is a great game. It's not only a great fighting game when playing with others on its robust online. But its also got a very engaging story mode which the developers clearly improved on apon Storm 2s story mode flaws.

The game takes place right after the Pain Invasion, without spoiling anything major, Naruto became the hero and the village is rebuilding. But major events soon take place in the world of Naruto and Naruto is off again to new adventures and battles on epic scales.

The game features a robust character roster of over 80 characters from the shippuden Era. While the roster has been updated to reflect the current events happening in the anime/manga. There is some noticable Missing in action ninjas most notibaly the four edo kages, Kin/Gin and the Six swordsmen of the mist. Outside of those MIA characters who are featured in the current storyline. The roster feels alright.

Gameplay wise you play online fight other players rank up and have a blast.Alot of the characters have been balanced and there isnt as many problem characters as they were in generations. Most characters have been tweaked or altered too. Some characters can be spammed abit too much but outside of that you can actually play your favourite character now and stand a chance in winning.

Overall this game is great. It's one of the best Naruto games and CC2 clearly learned and listend to fan feedback about the gameplay. It's not without cost though. There has been some werid design choice such as only allowing three combos per character and some werid selection in the roster with the inclusion of PTS characters. And some missing stages from story mode.

but its a decent Naruto game for the most part.