Team Ultimate Jutsu broken mechanic online ?

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#1 itachi93674
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Just as the title says the team ultimate is broken mechanic in this game. 

It's so bad that the online is completely destroyed even further.

Im sure many of you have noticed this problem


The match is extremey close both players are are almost to orange bars. 

One player unlock team ultiamte. The other player closes in and tries to attack. 

The other piece of shit noticing that by having him come up close he can freeze time and hit and him with the team ultimate jutsu attack and win the match. You see the team attack freeze time and furiously pressing the sub button to sub out but only to realize you can do nothing none of your button registers. Game ends you have what 2% health left and wonder what just happend.


I have done this to people and have had it done to me.  

Storm generations had many problems but this was not one of them. In that game when someone was up close and they tried to do a team ultimate you could block and sub. Your controls actually respond. In this game they seem to freeze up forsome reason.


I would like to know what the rest of you think and also if anybody has heard of a incoming patch that will address this problem and the most notably the framerate problems.