Naruto Shippuden UNS 3 Questions.

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Okay I have been wondering what really is "new" about this game and I have some thing I want to know about it. First I will ask about characters... -Edo Kages, Is it really true that they aren't gonna be playable in-game and instead they are just going to be side characters? If true then that is really disappointing since I was looking forward to playing the Third Raikage and Mu. -Edo Kakuzu, I heard that he is also one the characters that is not going to be playable (PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THIS IS TRUE), Kakuzu is one of my favorite characters and use most in all of UNS, so will he be having a new appearance and new Ultimate Jutsu just like Itachi and Nagato? -Edo Deidara, Okay I don't know much about what is going to happen to Deidara, but is he gonna be in the same boat as Kakuzu?? Since hes in Edo form is he gonna have C0 as an Ultimate Jutsu?? -Kinkaku and Ginkaku, these characters I also dont know much about, but I've seen alot of people complaining about why they aren't gonna be playable... so are they gonna be DLC's too? Now I want to ask what is really "new" about this game, so really what is new other than the thing I know that are Ringouts, Free Awakening Mode, New Campaign Style, a Hack and Slash gameplay... other than those is there something new that I don't know?? Will there be new Ultimate Jutsu's and Awakening Modes for the characters we've all been playing for the longest years?