Legitimacy of Naruto Storm 3: Full Burst?

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Just getting some opinions on how reliable you think rumors are in this case. I have a gut feeling that I just bought a game that is about to be rereleased in the upcoming months. Personally, my position is unique. Considering that I just bought UNS3 (used for $50) yesterday, I have the option to return the game for a full refund. I've already accumulated most achievements, beat the story & unlocked all characters. I do enjoy the game, although I am fairly concerned about the replay value of it. I guess I am mostly just asking how quickly the game got boring for everyone else, and if you were in my position, would you jump at the option to get your money back and wait for either a price drop or a rerelease with improved gameplay and characters? The other scenario is that more characters will be released as DLC and the game's bugs will be patched through updates. In that case, I don't see any real reason to return the game at this point. Another concern is that in order for new characters to be added, the original game would have to already have the coding for those characters set up (which may be the reason for a Full Burst release). In Summary: What do you think about the Full Burst rumors, and would you take the game back and wait for a rerelease/price drop if you could?
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Well seeing as it is true, and it'll likely have all the DLC and Kabuto included into it, I would get my money back and just wait for this one, though it'll be pretty much the same, though with a little more story mode, I think Full Burst would be the better choice in the end

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I wouldn't return the game. keep it