Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Get 100 000 Yen When Starting A New Game

    To get 100000 Yen when you start a new game, have a Narutimate Hero 3 save on your memory card.

    Contributed by: PaulToka 

  2. Unlock all character except 6

    If you have a NH3 save on your memory card you unlock all the characters except for Deidara, Sasori, Itachi, Kisame, Chiyo and the 4th Hokage.

    Contributed by: slinky3 

  3. Missing characters with a NH3 savegame.

    If you have a NH3 savegame on your memory card everyone except the following characters will be unlocked. This is how you get them.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat RPG Mode Chiyo
    Beat him in RPG Mode Deidara
    Beat RPG Mode Itachi
    Beat him in RPG Mode Kisame
    Beat him in RPG Mode Sasori
    Complete Hero Mode Yondaime

    Contributed by: des 

  4. Unlockable Characters

    In case you don't have a save game from "Naruto Hero 3" in your memory card, you can unlock secret characters by performing the stated tasks.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    On "Hero Mode", defeat his nearly full Shukaku version using Naruto. Gaara (old version)
    Finish master mode Get Chio
    Beat in master mode Get Didara
    Finish master mode Get Itachi
    Beat in master mode Get Kisame
    Beat in master mode Get Sasori
    Collect all the peices of memory in Master Mode (including the special ones) and go play and beat Hero mode Get the Yellow Flash
    On "Hero Mode", unlock the scene where she attacks Orochimaru. Godaime Hokage (Tsunade)
    Defeat him in "Hero Mode" Haku
    On "Hero Mode", unlock the scene where Naruto protects Tsunade from Kabuto. Jiraiya
    On "Hero Mode", defeat him using Naruto. Kabuto
    On "Hero Mode", unlock the scene of his fight against Shino during Konoha's Invasion. Kankurou (old version)
    On "Hero Mode", unlock the scene of Sandaime's funeral. Nidaime Hokage
    Playing "Hero Mode", you get him in the level after Naruto fights him. Orochimaru
    On "Hero Mode", defeat Orochimaru using him during Konoha's Invasion. Sandaime Hokage
    On "Hero Mode", unlock the scene where Tsunade attacks Orochimaru. Shizune
    On "Hero Mode", unlock the scene of her fight against Shikamaru during the Chuunin Exams. Temari (old version)
    Defeat him in "Hero Mode" Zabuza

    Contributed by: siegfriedmaster, awsomemonkeyman, Mykas0 

  5. Play as Kyubi or Demon forms of some characters

    To play as the stronger demon and kyubi forms (for some selected characters only), first unlock all the characters in the game (inluding the 4th Hokage). When in a character select sreen, do the ff:

    Effect Effect
    Hold R1 then pess O to choose the character. You will be able to play as that characters demon or kyubi form

    Contributed by: Zotoblitz 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Character FAQs Temari by Kawarimi_Kick 16K
General FAQs FAQ/Move List by jygting 68K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by des 106K