Maybe with a few changes it could be great but not right now

User Rating: 6.5 | Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III WII
Story: Story does the start of Shippuden. The story has Naruto returns to the hidden leaf village from his training to become stronger. Little time after his return his friend gaara the kazekage or the leader of the sand village is taken by the Akatsuki an evil group wishing to get the tailed beasts out of their host which gaara is one of them. Story is pretty boring manly cause of the cut scenes. It's like talk with poor animation for a side dish.

Design: This is a fighting game so we have the simplest modes that you won't play other then survival, mission, story, and multiplayer. Here is the list of modes.
Score Attack: Fight ten battles to get the most points.
Survival: Fight Endless battles until you die.
Multi Battle: You fight tons of enemies at once.
Time Attack: Fight ten battles as fast as you can.
Story: Fight Story battles
Mission: Do missions
Online: Fight people online
There is a shop to buy characters and stages using money you get from fights. There are 40 characters and 40 stages in all. The online mode is hard to find a match and sometimes a lot of lag with a lot of drop outs.

Game play: A for strong attack. B for weak attack. Y for throw. X for justu. R and L for foreground and background movement and teleports. Also if u are at low health you get kind of like a boost in your stats Simple right. It's pretty easy to get into and there is timing in the game but combos can easily be stopped. If you have 75% charka and you press L or R when getting hit you will teleport right behind your enemy and this is where the cons start. Getting behind your enemy makes them defend less. They can't do anything other than run if they aren't attack which 99% of the time they will be or teleport with L or R. There are also balance issues. Take Shino for example. Simple press of A and bugs will appear on the ground in front of him going towards you. You think just block right. Well when u were blocking shino can do it again. So you think I'll just jump them right? Well the home on you so if you jump over them they would just go backwards. So you think just teleport right. Well they drain charka also. I KNOW RIGHT! Sasuke has a sword combo that teleports behind your enemy when they are blocking making them defenseless. Choji can attack even if he is getting hit by a attack. There are other characters that can spam also. Kakuzu, Shikamaru, even Naruto himself. The justu attacks that use charka are nice to look at. They show the characters power like in the show. Also story mode is super cheap. I mean the last battle your block breaks in one attack and you need to finish him with a justu. The story mode is not fun.

Final Thought
This might be good with friends but it's not up to good fighting games like Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, or Smash Bros. Maybe with a few changes it could be great but not right now.
40 characters and 40 stages
Easy to get into too
Boring game modes
Story mode is cheap

Final Score: 6.5