This is a fighting game with a solid combat system that even those who aren't Naruto fans can enjoy.

User Rating: 9 | Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III WII
This Naruto fighting game is a very good one. It's either my favorite one that I've played, or my second favorite one, not really sure. Probably second. It's still good, though. ._.

Gameplay: The Clash of Ninja series is known for it's 4-person battle system. This system is very fun, and this game pulls it off well. The system is also very simple. There's no complicated directional button combos or anything. You just shake your wii remote(Or mash a couple of buttons, if you prefer that) and do damage. You only have like, two main buttons to attack with, but with simple directional button presses, you can use many attacks. There's a bar underneath your health which is your chakra. When this fills, you can press one button to use a super cinematic attack. Everyone has their own unique attack, and they look very nice. Also, if you use the wii remote and nunchuk, you can move them in certain motions to do more damage during the attack. Doing this is easy and pretty fun.

Characters: This game has a nice selection of characters. It has like, 40 and they all have their own unique styles of fighting. They all still use the same buttons, although they have different combos, but they have different styles of attacking. Whether that style is Tenten's large supply of various weapons, Deidara's exploding art sculptures, Kisame's chakra-draining sword slashes, or Chiyo controlling her puppets and using them to fight, they're all unique and easy to use. There's many characters from the Naruto world, and quite a few Akatsuki characters. There's also a few Clash of Ninja exclusive characters. However, there's one thing that REALLY bugs me about this game. IT. DOESN'T. HAVE. INO! I mean, why leave Ino out, of all people? It has all the characters of the five main teams: Naruto's, Kiba's, Rock Lee's, Gaara's, and Shikamaru's, except Ino. It even has their team leaders, even Baki. But there's no Ino. I don't know if they couldn't implement her or something(They did it in other CoN games) but she should have been in.

Story: This is one thing that most people complain about in this game. The story mode. And for good reason. It starts from the beginning of the Shippuden saga and goes on until they defeat Sasori and Deidara gets away. It does a decent job of telling the story, although it's rather short. However, the story mode is pretty difficult. For example, one person against two other people by yourself. It also has one of the hardest fighting game bosses I've seen. Naruto in nine-tailed mode versus an extremely spam-happy Deidara. He's nearly impossible to hit, and is constantly using substitutions while using bomb after bomb. It took me forever to beat him, and it's extremely frustrating. Oh, you also have to defeat him with your special chakra move. Make sure you have that strap on(If you're using the wii remote). You don't want to feel tempted to throw it at your TV.

Graphics: The graphics are the graphics that CoN is known for. Cel-shaded anime style. They look nice and very colorful. As I said before, the cinematic moves are also fun to watch.

Sound: I'm pretty sure this game has the voice actors from the anime, which is a good thing. The voice acting is well-done, the sounds are nice, and the music is typical Naruto music.

Replayability: The replayability is pretty typical of a fighting game, although it's much better because of the 4-person battles which are just fun and don't really get old.

Overall, this game has a fun yet simple battle system and unique characters. Unfortunately, it has a story mode that makes you angry. Despite that, it's still a fun and lasting game that people who aren't fans of Naruto can enjoy. Now, if only it had Ino...