This Naruto fighter overcomes a poor story mode with good looks and a solid combat system.

User Rating: 7.5 | Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III WII
- A big cast of playable characters
- Entertaining gameplay despite its simplicity
- Great looking graphics

- Some of the missions in the story mode are infuriating
- Special moves are difficult to pull off

Considering it's a license based fighter, Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 does a good job, even though it's not the ultimate Naruto game so far. But it's simple and fun, and despite some frustrations and difficulty makes CoNR3 more than just fan service. While the story mode is forgettable, the gameplay and amount of playable characters will welcome everyone wholeheartedly.

The story mode is disappointing. It's not balanced well, with matches very easy and with others completely infuriating. You will play the Shippuden's story, all through Gaara's arc of the beginning on the anime it's based on. You'll play each scenario with no necessarily the same characters, and each mission has an objective you must achieve to complete the mission. Most common objective is to finish your enemy with a finisher. This objective can be difficult to complete since some character's finishers are difficult to pull off. Your enemy won't die and the battle won't end until you defeat him with the objective stated, unless the time runs out. The difficulty is frustrating which will make you repeat some battles too often. Thankfully the load times are fast so you don't have to wait long before trying again. So that you know CoNR3 follows Gaara's arc not perfectly to the anime of course, but does a good job to stay close. You may have experienced this arc in previous Naruto installments on other platforms, so this game doesn't offer much surprises.

There are other "modes" that can be found here. The classic modes in fighters; a time attack mode, survival, and a mode named kumite which is nothing more than battling countless common ninjas until you are defeated. The score attack mode lets you battle 10 enemies, in a two-man team or single and get points for every action in battle. Each mode can be played with a second player, and most of these need to be bought from the shop.

The gameplay is definitely the star of the game. Although it's not the best fighter on the Wii, the easy to get into approach, with good depth make Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 a solid fighter. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk aren't a must, since you can use the classic controller if you want. If you are using the Wii Remote you will have to shake the Wii Remote to perform weak attack and press A to do a strong attack. The combat is straightforward, but there are different combos to do, and overall the gameplay is addictive. There are a total of 40 fighters to be found, whom you'll start with very little. Progressing through the story unlocks more characters you can buy from the shop, and yes you have to buy each character from the shop. You don't have to plunge through the tedious story mode to earn money, doing any kind of fight in any mode earns you money; you just have to do a lot of them. There are plenty of unlockables including playable characters, stages, modes and even a 4th difficulty. The gameplay is surprisingly addictive once you get into it.

If you new to the series or so that you know, the Clash of Ninja series is not just a one-on-one fighter. The battle is up to 4 players. Aside from those, there is the two-man squad part where a one-on-one fight takes place but with partners. The one-on-one battles are certainly the highlight and the most fun. Having multiple characters on the battlefield can make the camera a royal pain if any character is standing afar. The camera can also get some awkward position sometimes in these kinds of battles. The controls are overall good, but there are sometimes when they don't respond immediately, especially when tagging with your partner in a two-man squad battle.

Whether you are looking for flashy special attack or just some cool jutsus, Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 doesn't offer that. Beside the fact that a special attack is difficult to pull off, especially in the story mode, the special attacks aren't as flashy or as fun to pull off as that of the Ultimate Ninja series. When your opponent pulls off a special attack, there is no way to allow yourself to escape, so you will be hit. When you are doing a special attack, look at the middle bottom of the screen. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk will appear, and you have to quickly move them accordingly when displayed. They never change, so memorizing those makes life easier. The game is 3D but you can't exactly move freely. Sure you can press the Z and B buttons to move from that part of the stage, but you can't use the Nunchuk to freely roam around the battlefield.

Graphically not the best looking Naruto game of course since there is the existence of Ultimate Ninja Storm on the PS3, but for a Wii game gets a passing grade. The character modes are great looking, with some good environments to back it up. The cutscenes in the story mode are good, but the animation doesn't follow the voices perfectly. Special attacks don't look special enough. The music is nothing special, and the voices are in English, but they are not as bad as you think. Optional Japanese voices could always be appreciated.

Hardcore fighters will be turned off by Clash of Ninja Revolution 3's simplicity, but fans will love it. Despite a tedious and sometimes frustrating story mode, there is more than enough for just anyone can enjoy Naruto Shippuden. Nonetheless there is still room for improvement, but it's a fine game. It's far away from perfect, it's one of the best Naruto games I've played aside from the Ultimate Ninja series. Anyone looking for a simple but addictive fighter can find that in this series latest installment.


Graphics = 7.9
Looks good for most part, not the best looking Naruto game or best looking Wii game though.

Sound = 7.2
Music is nothing special, with typical tunes which seem to fit anywhere you put them. English voices not bad, but please make Japanese voices optional.

Presentation = 7.5
The cutscenes are good but still need to be better. The load times are very fast especially when restarting a battle in the story mode. Troublesome camera when more than 2 players fighting. Can use classic controller beside the Wii Remote. Some times when the controls don't respond immediately.

Gameplay = 8.4
Every Naruto game I've played featured a simple yet addictive combat system, and Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 is no different. There are 40 characters from the Shippuden world, and many unlockables. Special attacks lack flash but it's an addictive combat system.

Modes = 6.7
The story mode is frustrating, and not balanced enough make play though it a real chore. Other modes are good, but what you need is a good story mode, unless you have a friend to play with that is.

OVERALL = 76 / 100
This Naruto fighter overcomes a poor story mode with good looks and a solid combat system.