Hardcore fighters stay away from this game it will make u rage.

User Rating: 6.5 | Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III WII
alright, now i was very very excited about this game...im a huge fan of sakura haruno. They final made her somewhat decent to use and i was excited about that. After u learn ur character, think of some creative ways to do some things, grab ur buddy, and then u sit down and let the games begin......then the ragin begins.....


Alright generally me and my buddies play with all 4 of us on screen at the same time....when doing so everything is pretty much fine...but the hugest most problematic with this mode is the fuc*in camera...it switches so often at the wrong times frequently when trying to engage ur ememies makin u accidently waste chakra, leave ur self open, block switch incorrectly to take damage while blocking strings and some more sh*t.

Also turning around when ur ememy( like sasuke) teleports behind u its very difficult turning around to face him before he starts hitting you. this becomes even more increasingly difficult when the camera is switching so fast to a position in which u cant identify the direction neccesary to switch to face ur opponent.

Another issue i have while playing as sakura, i do my normal bb strings and on hit my opponent is able to sidestep during my assult on them after being hit with b b, my thrid b whiffs and they punish me for it wtf! and again this is on hit not block...although u can do it on both.

THE ROSTER IS NOT BALANCED....hiruko, sasuke, sasori, kisame, hidan are much better then the rest of the cast.

Hiruko back b is so broken, its super fast knocks u all the way back, has almost no recovery and is abuseable. He also spits kunai's out like mad all over the place to keep u away.

Sasuke, omg wtf! his keep away is so stupid jumping fire jutsu, and teleporting behind u while in the air which consumes no chakra, this wouldnt be so bad but theres nuthin u can do to punish or stop sasuke from teleporting behind u on a whim since its so hard to turn around with the way the camera works.Then when sasuke hits u with a string it hurts so much( and sakura has a huge amount of health versus other characters.)

sasori, when u hit he does not flinch at all on hit, so while hitting him he can back b u everytime not allowing u to ever kill him.

kisame, broken... he summons a shadow clone that runs up to u and cast an unblockable water prison jutsu on which u cant substitute jutsu out of, allowing kisame to run up and hitt u enough to fill his chakra to activate his super for about 90% of your health bar.

hidan, his weapon has unblockable attack without chakra. And during 4 players, his super after u dogde by jumping stays out the whole time just for u to avoid it then land right on top of it.

Now above everything, the feature to allow wii remote users to increase the damage on there full bar super jutsus is unfair, the damage is wayyyyyy to much i seen on average 80+ health gone from supers done that way. also there ability to rechage jutsu give wii remote users another nasty advantage. the feature should have been given to every style of controller to make it fair for all play styles.

If they decrease the damage of jutsu fix those problems with the above mentioned characters, make it easier to turn around. Fix story mode. allow all character function on every controller. And place a l or r sign by the characters life bar to allow then to know what side they are on during camera switching. this game could actually be taken seriously by hardcore fighting game veterans.I dont know what to say about sakura bb strings, but whatever...