My second favorite naruto game of all time! But can get hard at times.

User Rating: 10 | Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution III WII
Very good game . Extreme effects......... but there is something i dont like
every character must be bought which i find hard. I had a hard enough time buying characters in clash of ninja 2 for the gamecube. I do like characters such as:
kakuzu ( good for fighting a long range enemy)
hidan ( good for long range fighters)
sasori true form ( He is strong , his strong attack works for close range , use his down strong attack for long range)
naruto uzumaki ( his rasengan jutsu is the only thing good)
nine tailed naruto ( its a whole different story when it comes to nine tailed)
towa ( good for finishing a fight in less than a minute and good to have in a two man squad)
kiba (pretty fast, ninja dog supports you)
kankuro (good for any two man squad , long range and close range fighter , use blake ant's grab attack to stop your enemy from pulling off a combo or jutsu)
sasuke uchiha (super fast super strong killer special like kakashi)
orochimaru (good at combo's and spamming your enemy so you can get a perfect win)
Some two man squads are good to use such as:
hikuro and true form sasori ( put hikuro as the first person , even though you can only fight with hikuro doesn't mean its not a good combo , when hikuro dies true form sasori comes out of hikuro but you cant switch back to hikuro)
hidan and true form sasori ( both have powerful jutsu's)
kakuzu and hidan ( basic akatsuki pair , very strong)
kakashi and might guy ( both are fast, strong, and have a to die for special)
asuma and might guy or kakashi ( asuma is a good pair with either might guy or kakashi)

kankuro and sasori (good at strong long and close range attacks)
sasori and orochimaru (if you use sasori alot then try orochimaru to back you up)
sasuke and sasori (really strong team attack! super cool specials)

Need some help trying to pawn deidara with naruto? here is a tip:
use down strong and dodge his bombs , get in a few cheat shots enough to kill him with a special then dodge and hit until you got enough chakra then find an opening to use your special to where he cant counter it and there ya go next thing ya know deidara got owned! i have beat deidara on level 1 easy and level 2 normal.