Naruto: Ninja Council 3 Cheats For DS

  1. Unlockable Characters

    To Unlock more fighters, finish the following Missions:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Chubby's Pride CS2 Jirobo
    Beat Pinpoint Blind Spot CS2 Kidomaru
    Beat Returning the Favor Part 1 CS2 Kimimaru
    Beat Returning the Favor Part 3 CS2 Sakon
    Beat The Very Last Mission CS2 Sasuke
    Beat Returning the Favor Part 2 CS2 Tayuya
    Beat "Secret Technque" With Chidori Gaara
    Beat all Missions Gallary 2
    Beat the three rows of missions Gallery 1
    Beat "Revenge!" with Sasuke Itachi
    Beat "Teach him a lesson" Jiraiya
    Beat "Chubby's Pride" Jirobo
    Beat "The Way of the Ninja" with anybody Kabuto
    Beat "Secret Technique Training" Kakashi
    Beat "I'll Handle This" with Paeasitic Insect Justu Kankuro
    Beat "Pinpoint Blindspot!" Kidomaru
    Beat Thats a Promise Kimimaru
    Beat "Kisame's Counterattack" Kisame
    Beat Taijutsu Training" with no Techniques Migh Guy
    Beat the all missions Orcohimaru
    Beat The Very Last Mission OTK Naruto
    Beat "Combo!" Sakon
    Beat "Calculated" Tayuya
    Beat "What a Drag..." with Shadow Possesion Jutsu Temari
    Beat "Find the Glowing Scroll" Note: The Thrid Hokage is ONLY a support character The Third Hokage
    Beat "The Famous Kunoichi!" Tsunade

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