Worst game I've ever finished.

User Rating: 2 | NARC XBOX
There is very little to like in this game. It actually got to the point where I was disgusted with myself for continuing to play. For whatever reason though I pressed on, taking comfort in the fact that it was not costing me a dime, as I had borrowed the game from a friend. Upon returning the game I did ask him several times, "why did you buy this game?" That was a question that he really couldn't answer.

On to something positive, the music is pretty cool but you only get samples of the songs as it is unlikely that Midway put up the cash to license them in their entirety. The drug effects are fun for five to ten minutes, then you realize how stupid it is that LSD has an identical effect time after time and that three hits will have you so addicted that the end result is your character puking in the street.

The negative is the rest of the game, the voice acting was bad. Ron Perlman? Say it ain't so Ron, say it ain't so. He is way better than Bellamy or Madsen, but has no business being in this flaming pile of GTA wannabe. Everything about this game is bad, the controls, the sound, (you can hear a mugging from across the city it seems.) The missions are ridiculous, there is one where you follow the two heads of whatever generic Chinese mafia you are up against and are so absurdly close to them that you would wonder how they have risen to the top of the ruthless and cutthroat drug trade. Leading into this gem of a mission you actually chase down (and catch up to) a crotchrocket on foot. What the hell? The more I think about the more ashamed I am of playing all the way through the game. Please do not play this ever for any reason.

Also I would request that GS remove the links to GTA in the similar games menu, being a wannabe does not necessarily=similarity.