Will you be a good cop or a bad cop?

User Rating: 6.5 | NARC PS2
NARC, what can I say?
Its been given a lot of bad press since its release. Even though its a budget title, many felt that it was below their expectations. It was also a very controversial game as it promoted the use of drugs to enhance your performance throughout the game and this was frowned upon by many people.

The game opens dramatically, with some guy high on some drug massacres 8 cops after being shot several times by them.

You play as two detectives, both on the NARC squad. one is a good cop, the other is a rogue and they both have to come together to stop the production of a new drug called "liquid soul" that is on the streets and sending people crazy.

It is a sandbox free roaming game where, in between missions you can carry out activities such as buying or selling drugs or arresting criminals. The missions themselves revolve around getting the "liquid soul" off of the streets. You also have a "rep" metre, this is a fairly simple idea where if you do bad things it will go down and if you do good things it will go up. You need to maintain a fiarly high rep otherwise you will get demoted and will have to increase it again before you can partake in further missions.

Now, many have criticised this game for being a GTA rip off, but they need get their head out of GTA's ass. I mean, GTA basically invented a sandbox style game so obviously every other game with a sandbox feature will have taken the idea at least partly from GTA. Remember that it probably wont be as good as GTA, but that doesn't mean its a bad game.

As you would expect with a budget game, the graphics and the gameplay arent amazing and there are a few bugs. The game is short and fairly easy, your able to complete the game in around 8 hours including doing all of the special assignments. Also the stealth elements don't work very well.

However, the soundtrack is well suited to the atmosphere of the game and the sfx are pretty good aswell. For the most part the simpe run and gun tactics that you will use are pretty fun and easy to grasp.

So, to summarise I would recommend this game to anyone looking for something to rent. It will eat a few hours for you and i promise that you will have some fun while playing it. The story is quite good although it is somewhat shallow. Just dont set your expectations to high and there isnt any reason why you wont enjoy it