It is a good game, though it has a few flaws...

User Rating: 8 | Napoleon: Total War PC
Alright, NTW, like it's predecessor is a good game worthy of the Total War title.

At the same time, there are a few problems that linger from the first, such as the AI....On the battlefield they aren't very difficult to outwit. On the campaign map, I sometimes feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of North Koreas. Yes I know that it was the Napoleonic Wars but thats no excuse for dumb AI that attacks you even if your they're ally and fighting a common war against a stronger opponent.

Other than those problems, the game is great, the AI is the games only real fault and it isn't a fundamental gamebreaker (the AI isn't THAT bad). The relatively small number of playable nations doesn't really bother me because they are all very unique and it's an expansion pack. Plus with such gorgeous graphics.....and armies that finally feel unique to the country that leads them, the game is great!