Amusing and fun! If you are a ND fan.

User Rating: 7 | Napoleon Dynamite: The Game DS
This is one of my favorite movies, and when I saw this on the game store, I thought it would be one of those crappy-games-from-the-movies-because-the-guy-who-made-the-movie-is-only-good-at-making-movies-not-video-games., but this one is different. Basically you play mini games through Napoleon life, but with a twist. The mini games are good, and easy, but in order to unlock more mini games, you'll have to meet some requirements in the game, which sucks if there's one game you're not good at. If you lose, it's kind of good, because you'll hear Napoleon Dynamite in despair, which is hilarious, so it's kind of a win in each fork. The graphics suits Napoleon dynamite. Controls are easy. If you beat the game, you can beat it again in Hard mode. Some of you might not like DDR, but to me that part of the game makes a great start, and it's not that hard. I wished they had more NDDDR to dance to, that's fun to me. If you loved the movie, then try this game out!