Grab your flightsuit and get ready for action!

User Rating: 8 | Nanostray 2 DS
My review is based on a few levels of gameplay, a lot of deaths, and a few gasps of "Wow. That was close!"

Nanostray 2 is here and it's about time. The game delivers more of the same goodness, plus several new twists to keep those fingers twitching.

As expected, the quality graphics and cool techno music is there. I recommend getting some nice "in ear" type headphones and enjoying this game in a darkened room.

The level of difficulty seems to have been upped nicely. There were some areas that I feared surviving and only made it due to having continues remaining. Bosses range from quirky looking spider machines to menacing creatures whose reach extends across the entire field of play. Of course you can adjust the difficulty to suit your preference.

Obvious inspirations from Gradius V and other shooters appear in this game, but it's not something I found myself griping about. It was more of a "Hey, that's like the Boss from game ----" type of feeling.

I like how the game switches the playing perspective. One breathtaking sequence has you dodging barriers while the perspective scrolls up or down, getting faster as well. It gives a "throwing the kitchen sink" kind of feeling to you and has you wondering what's next.

There are various weapons to select and more are available as you progress. The limited use "super weapons" are a blast and it's fun making a strategy of deciding which ones to use. It's neat to be able to look before making a choice and see how much energy any of these "super weapons" will use. Obviously the ones with a bigger power drain give you less shots to fire and keep you constantly on the look for energy refills.

It seems like a lot of thought was put into the game and I am having a great time with it. Nanostray 2 keeps the shoot-em-up hope alive and delivers a fun experience to fans of the genre.

This is a recommended purchase.