Nanostray 2 is a fun shooter for the DS but it is far to hard for just about any kid I know!!!

User Rating: 6.5 | Nanostray 2 DS
In my opinion nanostray 2 is a good DS shooter but it is the hardest game ever!!! You only get like 8 lives through the whole game. I only beat the first mission and then kept dying. The weapons are really fun and cool and so is the sound. All you do is go in space and shoot a bunch of flying spaceships. The reason why I kept dying was because there was so many enemies that it was hard to not run into them and blow up. If you can beat this game then you have to be like the best person at video games in the whole world. Nanostray 2 has great graphics but the difficulty level was far too high for my ability. If you like a very challenging game I would definitely recommend Nanostray 2. I think that this game is going to be similar to Bangai-O Spirits. So if you are interested in buying Bangai-O Spirits I would pass in spending $30.00 on it.