An exciting mystery for those who love Ms. Nancy Drew.

User Rating: 8 | Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion GBA
Players step into the shoes of the famed teen sleuth and head off to San Francisco to help with the restoration of an old mansion.

Upon arriving, Nancy meets the amiable Charlie Murphy, a college student who is working on the mansion to help pay his tuition. Other characters Nancy encounters include the Victorian expert Louis and Abby, a woman with an interest in communicating with spirits.

While Nancy is visiting to help with the restoration of the mansion, she can't help but become more interested in all of the suspicious accidents that have occurred recently.

Are they really just accidents?

Is someone attempting to sabotage the restoration?

Could the mansion actually be haunted?

Players must explore each room, question all of the characters, and draw their own conclusions as they attempt to determine whether these "accidents" are indeed accidents.

This game is very similar to it's PC counter-part.

Very enjoyable and entertaining.