Hanging out with my girlfriend....when suddenly I find a Nancy Drew PC disc in her room.

User Rating: 6.5 | Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake PC
As a child I can remember my mom taking us to the local library and I would always check out Hardy Boy books that were very immersive and I would always finish the book in like a week. The mystery adventures these guys had always gave me vivid views of who these young detective guys were. I can also remember seeing the Nancy Drew paperbacks very close by the Hardy Boys books. So yesterday I am at my girls house and notice she has this PC game on her desk. I didn't even know she had it, so we popped in into her PC out of bored. She had already progressed quite a ways in the game, but stopped playing after she was stuck on a puzzle. She did give a little back story of what was going on though, explaining the characters and all. The puzzles in this game were really interesting and some where difficult. Once you did complete a puzzle though it was definitely satisfying. The game is you playing as Nancy Drew from a first person view. You are at a log cabin of an old mobster based on Al Capone named Mickey Malone lol. This boss used to run liquor during the prohibition years and also run gambling joints. He owned 4 Rockwiller dogs that were both his pets and loyal body guards and the game is mostly about the dogs, or their ghost should I say. My girlfriend was having some trouble with a few puzzles and that may have been why she stopped playing the game eventually. We did complete the game together though so over all it was a cool experience.