A great compilation of classics - that could have been more - but is still worthwhile playing.

User Rating: 5.5 | Namco Museum Vol. 3 (PlayStation the Best) PS
Namco Museum Volume 3, is naturally the third compilation from the developers at Namco - and the third attempt to lure gamers to their vault of classic old school games. If you are looking for anything other than a nostalgic trip down memory lane - with some great old school games - then turn away, this isn't for you. Everyone else - bring up a chair. The collection comprises of 6 games; Dig Dug, Ms. Pacman, Pole Position II, Phozon, Galaxian and The Tower of Druaga. Some of these you may remember, others you may not. Ms. Pacman is probably the most notable - being a highly successful game, and the sequal to the original Pacman. The gameplay is still very strong in this game - bringing back feelings of spending hours in the arcade trying to break that high score of yours and have your name on the leaderboard to show off your prowess. The game plays just as well as it did all those years ago - but is best played in short bursts. Pole Position II is another sequal to the enjoyable Pole Position. This is a F1 racing title, with some easy to get into gameplay - which ramps up significantly. The game is hard - and unfortunately will not hold your attention forever. Like Ms. Pacman - this is a game best played in short bursts. The standout game for me was Galaxian. The forerunner to the more sucessful Galaga, Galaxian was a Space Invaders clone that added in flying enemies - and was more pleasing to look at. This also has a 2 player mode, but there is no simulataneous gameplay - you will have to take it in turns. Its an enjoyable romp - and this is the game you most likely will keep coming back to. The Tower of Druaga is interesting in it's inclusion, as it was never a really popular game to begin with. Something of an action adventure game - you are tasked as a Knight to get through the vast amount of mazes throughout the similar looking rooms - to save the princess. You have a trusty sword to fight your way through - and you must find keys to get through specific areas. A mainly forgettable game. Phozon is a very strange Puzzle game. Set in a small area - you are a genetic strain who has to match a pattern shown while trying to defend and avoid against the Phozon - who will knock off the pieces you grab. It is pretty difficult - and again mostly forgettable. You will play this one only occasionally, and while a competent game - it is not as good as the other's in this compilation. This is probably the worst game. Dig Dug was a game I was unfamiliar with - but was glad for it's inclusion. Featuring the character Dig-Dug, you were tasked with digging throughout the many caves and underground tunnels to find the enemies and pump them full of air till they popped. It was and still is an interesting game - with a very different weapon and a good balance of difficulty. Also included is the museum mode - where you can look around a virtual museum - read up on the games - check out their old advertising and related paraphernalia that accompanied the games upon their original release. This is a light - hearted look through rainbow glasses at some of the funny attempts by Namco to lure gamers to their latest gaming machine. There are no interviews unfortunately - which is a real pity. However there are some old written up Q and A's that explain a little about what Namco was thinking when they crafted some of these classics. Overall - this is something that is initially enjoyable - but doesn't have enough lasting gameplay to make it worth buying. It's a good collection of old school hits that can be good fun - but this is really only worth a wuick play and forget. This is not recommended for the gamers of today who would baulk at the idea of playing a game without a clear purpose or story - let alone a real premise. This is a great gift for old school gamers - trying to beat some of the high scores can be enjoyable and challenging - so for them perhaps - this is a great lead in title to play before getting into something more this generation. An initially enjoyable title that doesn't offer enough to warrant a purchase. Disappointing.