Very fun, should be more of these

User Rating: 8 | Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade X360
I'm a sucker for compilations. Not only do they give value for money but they are normally very hard to get bored of because there is so much variation. That's the same with this collection.

Ignoring all the Pac-man game's, in which there are far too many but that's not a surprise as they put game's on the map, there is a good selection of game's here to keep anyone happy. The one big drawback on it all is that there are no achievement's available on the classic game's, they are only on the games that are already available on Live. Well done Namco, what a way to drop the ball from the off.

Other than that the design is easy to use and you can access the games that are on xbox live from your dashboard, as long as you have the disk in the machine.

I'm not sure why they aren't more of these collections as they are a good advert for xbox live arcade and it's good to see classic games be ported over to the xbox.

Now excuse me while i have yet another go on Galaga Legions