one of the best

User Rating: 10 | Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade X360
this game is a arcade and has all of those old games your parents know some new versions made in 2005....this game is the best arcade game ive ever trying to beat my own scores this game has alot of pac-man and some spykid and this spy game called rolling thunder and much more....some games are easier then others but this game is so awesome......people who arent fans of arcades wont like this but its their loss. my high score for galaga arrangement is took me for every to get that score since to get it i have to kill this very large fly and beatle to get the points. arcade lovers will love this game a whole of my favorite games to play on this is this game called baraduke....your this soldier that shoots these aliens. this one of my fav games so far....other then gow2......this is the best.