N+ is a arcade game for Xbox live. If you have played the computer flash version, you should understand easily.

User Rating: 8 | N+ X360
N+ is a cute little game on Xbox live and was recently announced on Ds and PsP. You are a Ninja who has amazing speed, power, and ability to jump beyond gravities limits. One problem, you only have 60 seconds to live. Gold, ninjas like gold and as a ninja this certain type of gold gives you more time to live.

Graphics: There's not much to say for a small game like this they are preety good. Playable, acceptable and frankly i like the way everything looks. The xbox version does have slightly better graphics then the flash version.

Gameplay: This game is possibly the most addictive little game i have ever played. The maps make you use your brain, to hop around enemies, think of stratagies so on, so forth. This game can be very frustrating which makes you want to come back right after, you throw the tv out the window. The maps can be very complicated and complex, I wish they could have made it a tad easier. They have hundreds of levels to play, and even a stage editor which is the most time consuming thing in the game.

It's a short review theres not much to say except a little frustration here and there. 8/10