N+ is a platforming game that pretty much offers nothing but ninja platforming fun.

User Rating: 8 | N+ DS
There isn't much of a story being N+ aside from the fact that you play as a little Ninja who collects gold. Upon starting the game you just jump right into the action. Each level has its own specific design that is littered with gold, as well as various traps. The goal on each level is to get to the exit, which is easier said than done. Before you can go through the exit you must find a switch that opens the door. While the switch isn't terribly difficult to find, getting to it sometimes can be. So as your ninja you must jump around to various platforms, avoiding landmines, homing rockets, lasers, and bombs to reach the switch. Once you hit the switch you must make your way back to the exit, all the while collecting as much gold as possible to boost your overall score.

The scores are what unlock little bonuses. Such as alternate colors for your ninja's costume, new levels, bonus music, and alternate animations your ninja performs upon completing a level. These bonuses don't do a whole lot to spice up gameplay, but they do add to the experience by giving you the opportunity to change things from looking and sounding too repetitive.

The entire look of N+ is pretty simply and isn't too mind-blowing on the DS. But for what it is its pretty good. The menus all look good, and it's easy to navigate your way around. While playing you will see the same basic background, but the design of each level is different. The top screen on the DS will display the entire map showing where all the gold, traps, switch, and exit is located. While the bottom screen shows of all the action.

Controls are simple to learn, all you use is the directional pad and the A button to jump; you won't need any other buttons during gameplay. It's simple, but effective. Response is quick and in no time you'll have it down pat, learning how to wall jump and slide down walls to slow your fall.

The best thing about a platforming game like N+ is it will get harder as you go on, making it a challenging game. Over time it will take you multiple tries to beat a level and learn what the best approach is to stay alive. As the challenge gets harder you will spend more time on it. So the length of the game can depend on how well you play. A replay value comes in the fact that you can replay any level you wish to try and best your previous score.

Aside from all the traps, long falls can also kill your ninja. You are also timed during gameplay, so taking too long to complete a level will result in another death. Speaking of deaths, any time your ninja does die you have the opportunity to replay the whole scene. It's a chance to watch and correct where you made mistakes, or just laugh at how your ninja gets blow apart by a bomb with his limbs flying everywhere. All of your deaths will be saved in the statistics menu. Listing every possible way to die, and how many of those you have succumbed to. It's a neat little feature that shows you which items you have the most trouble with.

Overall if you're into some mindless platforming fun, and looking to burn a few hours away N+ is sure to fit the bill.