N was just another one of those super addicting, award winning, Flash games. Just kidding. It was much more.

User Rating: 7.5 | N+ PSP
Oh, the guilty pleasures of a Flash game. All to simplistic, and then again, can be extremely glorious too. N was one of those games, as can be seen. It won many awards, and it is a highly imaginative and addicting game. Now, you see, N+ is a not-so-simple port of the original, and it does very well on the PSP, although the DS one is slightly better. This is worth playing, even if it misses a few things along the road.

There is no real story for N+, but it is made up of many addicting stages. These stages are oddly complex and full of creation and imagination. Its not even a campaign, so I would have to say this is an Arcade like game.

The stages of N+ may not be very colorful, but they are still full of creation, design, and imagination. I don't know exactly how much there are, but what I do know is; The stages can provide a challenge, and then some can be a cakewalk. The good thing is, the start out is great for beginners, although later on, its not so easy. Well, most of the time.

There is SOME music in this game. Its never really inspired, although the theme is kind of catchy once in a good while.

My major complaint is when it comes to comparing this to its DS counterpart, the DS one strikes gold. N+ for DS works better with two screens, when this one only has one. But that is my only large complaint.

This is an impossibly good port of an already good original. I urge all PSP owners to at least try it, and if not, good luck finding many other great side-scrollers for the system.