I tried my best i beaten the level 28 and i just cant do more.unbelievably hard.

User Rating: 7 | N+ DS
the game seems really easy at first and a lot of fun,there are two screen as you know,the one on the top is the map that shows the whole level,and it is the below screen that you will have to look at and play the game.there are little yellow blocks that you have to get and that gives you points.then those points are worked like a clock.it gives you seconds to finish the level.
there are 39 levels altogether but you have to finish in order to unlock the new ones.
i have to admit that i cant go passed level 29.and that is the end of that.it get so hard that you have
to think and say ok i will not do the rest of the level.
but there is a balance in the mission from the start it is very very easy,and until the level 39 that i will not be doing,due to the difficulty of the game,i completed the level 28 and thats it.no more.
if you are not a patient and calm person,then dont buy this game and dont play it ,other wise you will end up breaking the poor DS.:D
the game is pretty much fast and quick.and you will work just like a real ninja,you can jump on walls and so on.the difficulty on the last 10 missions in amazing.