N+ is a thing of beauty.

User Rating: 9.5 | N+ X360
N+ is a game that at first seems like garbage but look closer and you get something amazing. The amount of points it asks of you is quite daunting at first and repulsive but just trail it and soon you will be quick enough to hand over those points.And it's not just story niether its challenge's and custom creation tools. and you ask why im sahking i have been away from N+ for a minute now and im starting to shake a lot. And N+ is a addictive beast it has a old school spark in its game play that get's people that still play mario bros and sonic 3 a big kick in to thinking it's okay to keep playing me untill you remember it was your boss's birthday last week.Then add a full on co-op campaign and you got your money's worth now i must return to N+ my whole body is shaking to extreme's. bye

and engoy collecting your gold