Myth: the Fallen Lords, a classic and still today a worth playing game.

User Rating: 9 | Myth: The Fallen Lords PC
First of all, sorry for my terrible English.

Where to start? Myth the Fallen Lords is not only a classic strategy game. It was and it still is a very inmersive, addictive and even fun adventure.
Innovative from every point of view, it even has features unseen in any other games to the date.

It was one of the first games played in a 3D world, although the units were not build in 3D, but still had a beautiful design. Almost everything in the battlefield interacts and interferes with the action. The arrows are stopped by trees, buildings and walls, the explosions move another objects, from stones to pieces of dead bodies. When you blow up an enemy, pieces of his body fly around, leaving a trail of blood. But even after they are dead, those bodies can still be moved by other explosions.

Another great thing that I haven't seen in any other game is that your soldiers only respond to enemies that they are seeing. If your archers are looking in one direction, they won't notice that there is an ugly and dangerous wight behind them, until it's too late. So you have to be alert and check where are your soldiers looking.

Something I really enjoyed from Myth is that every man in your force is a single and unique character, with his own name and experience (maybe there are not too many names, and sometimes you have two warriors named the same). Your troops gain experience with each monster they kill, but also with each level they survive, and that experience remains for the next battle. You even get to respect your man, and every casualty is something terrible. The experience they gain make them more accurate (in the case of the archers and dwarves) and more skilled in fighting. The warriors for example can block enemy's attacks with their shields.

The sound effects are really cool, not only the explosions, swords hits, and magic spells, but also the environmental sounds: birds singing, the river running, the cold winter on the frozen paths, flies and bugs in the swamps, and that horrible gate-to-hell sound that comes out from the great devoid. Also, the comments that your soldiers make are very nice and fun. From the "Yeah!" or the "That was mine!" when they kill a monster, to the "Sorry" or the "Oops!", when they accidentally hit one of your own.

The game has a beautiful music, played in the main menu, cut scenes and after each battle. However, there is no background music during the battles, maybe to remark the excellent ambient and fighting sound effects. There are also awesome artworks, a different one after each of the levels, and it changes depending if you win or lose.

Concluding, an epic and inmersive story in a whole original world, full of places and rare creatures, accompanied with great music, and played with a very innovative way of fighting and ordering your troops, makes Myth: the Fallen Lords one of the best strategy games ever, a "must" for every lover of this type of games.