The second chapter of the Myth saga.

User Rating: 9.4 | Myth II: Soulblighter PC
Myth 2: Soulblighter is the second game in the Myth saga and continues where the first game left. The game features better graphics, more difficult but awarding gameplay and superb story that is a trademark of the Myth games.

The story: The narration and written dialog are amazingly done with rich text and interesting storyline that capture your imagination fully. The back story and description of everything in the game could easily be fit into one huge book. The Myth saga is a vast masterpiece that took more then 8 years to develop.

The Sound: The sound quality hasn’t changed since the first game. It still features the same great quality of dialog and sound effects. Explosion, war cries, amazingly written music… all of it is still there for you to enjoy.

The Graphics: The graphics are slightly improved since the first game but they are still using sprites for character render on the fully 3D landscape. Back then the game looked amazing with extreme amount of gore and special effects. Even now with OpenGL support you can squeeze a good level of details with fog and lightning but for some players it could look old aged.

The gameplay: It’s difficult, demanding but richly rewarded. The type is still the wargame RTS without building. You can place your units in formations and use the 3D terrain to your advantage. The game featuring great physics engine that you can use to your advantage (high ground for archers, hiding in forest etc.) The weather conditions on the battlefield also affect your gameplay like for example rain extinguishes fire arrows or Molotov cocktail bombs. Overall the second Myth game combines everything the first game was full of and adds a lot more which making it one of the greatest RTS games ever made.