Even better than the 10+ Offical Game of the Year Awards original!

User Rating: 9.9 | Myth II: Soulblighter PC
Myth II: Soulblighter is an unmissable ultimate gaming experience. Never before has a game packed all the utilities required for a true game of the year! It has a in depth thrilling story line, mass of challenging levels, all new and original units with unique powers, action packed epic battles and skirmishes both single and multiplayer... not to mention this is one of the most gorey war games ever to made to date. The game play, sound and graphics is much more supirior to its first in series (great game though it may be to however) but not as much of a gripping plot but still a good listen and read. The best thing, and most original is the fact you can blow your enemy into a raining burning pile of blood soaked limbs and organs... THEN you can blow whats left of that up again! And again and again and again... but in this sequel you can also now set the landscape aflame and catapult blades and what you can see in order to thrash the pants off your foe... but don't think its an easy ride! Oh no! This is one of the hardest games yet with grueling camera controls yet they quickly become easy to use after a tutorial and 1 or 2 levels after that! The fantasy units are ALL original, NO goblins or elves and despite what the wikepidia might tell you it is NOTHING like lord of the rings even slightly! You are the warriors of the Cath Bruig to fight wave after wave of zombies yearning to rip your guts out! Buy this now or you will have failed yourself as war gamer!