The best in MCF series up to day!! Look and click carefully~

User Rating: 10 | Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst PC
MCF is the first find and click game I've ever played and it's still the best until now. ^^
Continuing the last PC series of MCF (MCF: Madame Fate), we went back to the Ravenhearst Manor to free the ghosts still trapped there before the ghost of Charles got back. As the story continues, the mystery of Ravenhearst Manor will be revealed while collecting items to proceed.

The system of the game is basically the same as before (find items in the list) but with addition of exploring the ravenhearst manor and doing puzzle to open doors! And the hint button will be reloaded after some time so it's not easy to get hint without spending time.

The graphic of this game is amazing! the ghosts look real and both the movie and in-game graphics are beautiful! The music too is the MCF series (They even make a soundtrack cd for this game!). And the place and puzzle they prepare will keep you busy for hours.