A really great blended game - part puzzle / adventure / hidden object.

User Rating: 10 | Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst PC
I played Madame Fate and loved it. So I anxiously awaited the next release from Mystery Case files. And it is worth the wait. Return to Ravenhurst is a great game. I loved the story elements, the adventure aspects, the hidden object screens, and the puzzles. Everything tied together really well to make for a really engaging game.

My spouse and I played this every night for about 4 nights or so. Just one more room, just one more puzzle...

The hidden object parts are well done - not terrifically hard but not stupid easy either. There were times when I would be searching for an object that I had no idea of what it looked like (Now I know what a shillaleigh is....). The puzzles were varied and required some thought and sometimes some speed with the mouse! I really liked the twist on the Concentration game where every few minutes the game would rotate the cards around on the screen!

I liked the adventure aspect of travelling from one place to another finding objects and using them when needed. And the story was quite engaging! A little on the creepy and weird side which made it all the more interesting.

Raturn to Ravenhurst is a thoroughly enjoyable game. I can't want for the next one!!