dull, dull , dull, dull, DULL! why i hate myst...

User Rating: 2.3 | Myst PSP
i recently bought 2 games for £20, burnout legends and myst. after playing burnout for about an hour, i decided to give this a try. to be honest, i wish i hadn't bothered.

firstly, the way that you move by jumping form one place to another is so old, i thought i was in the 1700's. second, the idea of giving the player no story at all is a good one, but is so poorly implemented, it just fells like they forgot to put it in. finally, the graphics. they are surprisingly pretty good, although since there is almost no animation in the game whatsoever (not even on the water!), they could have been better.

all in all, a poor game that should only be considered if you still consider pong a new game. i'm going to play legends.