A definitive version of the original game, Myst holds well on the IPhone/IPod Touch, and deserves a look.

User Rating: 9 | Myst IOS
A year ago, I reviewed Myst for the Nintendo DS. Originally, I had thought it was going to be a competent port of the hugely successful PC game subsidized into a portable format so I can explore Myst Island and its wonderful ages while on the road. But the DS version turned out to be a failure--it was broken, buggy and teetering on the brink of utter unplayability. The IPhone/IPod Touch version of Myst is vastly superior in every way, doing right what the DS game did so horribly wrong. For fans of the game who own an IPhone/IPod Touch and want to experience it wherever they happen to be in the world, this new version of Myst will not disappoint.

The IPhone/IPod Touch version of Myst faithfully replicates all 2500 rendered images from the original release and, in some cases, the Ages look better than ever before, benefiting greatly from the IPhone/IPod Touch's crisp resolution and widescreen format. Utilizing the touch screen capabilities, you will use your finger to flip switches, move around, interact with puzzles--among other things. Turning around requires that you slide your finger across the screen as if you were flipping pages from a book, which makes navigating the world easier and more convenient. Finger touch response is a lot more accurate here than it was with the DS port's stylus--although at times it's a bit iffy, but it's never more trouble than it's worth. And you'll never have issues with saving games either--you can either leave the game at any period or use the intuitive bookmark system to record up to four game slots.

Once you clear the game and solve all the puzzles, there's not much else left to do except explore the island. And that's pretty much one of the main draws of Myst--the exploration. Now, you can explore the Ages anywhere you are in the real world. For Myst fans, and those who fancy a good adventure game for their portable device, Myst is worth checking out.