Myst had good graphics but it suffers from how boring it is.

User Rating: 1.5 | Myst PC
My family games a lot so a couple of years ago i asked my dad the worst game he has ever played. The words that came out of his mouth was "Myst".I found a copy given to us by a neighbor.I put it into my pc and started it up and i didn't know how to control my character, in fact it was so lifeless that i didn't want to bother looking up the controls.Myst is supposed to be an adventure game and puzzle game. I like puzzles but this was a waste of money and time.
The first time i looked at the cd and jewel case it looked like it was a good game.The production value was good and had great graphics for its time but it was very boring and it was like one of those games where you had to take a wild guess to go further.It was horrible, the controls are odd and everything is so cryptic.

Graphics 2/5:
The graphics are good but uninspired, everything else in the game is just so horrible you don't care about how good the graphics are, you just want to stop playing.

Gameplay 1/5:
It is just horrible you click to do things, don't get me wrong Diablo was a great game and it used the mouse for almost all of the game but Myst is just horrible with the gameplay, a first player wouldn't know what to do and they would throw the game in the trash.Also for the puzzles it was even worse because you had to move everything with the mouse which is cool but you do it the whole game.There are no monsters, weapons, or anything to interact with but objects and puzzles.You want an adventure but this one is more like a huge puzzle that is in school that gets you so depressed and bored.When i played it i clicked around for about 5 minutes and every minute are so i asked myself
"How did i get over here?" where i clicked got me somewhere i didn't even see in my sight so it was like you being blindfolded while playing checkers while riding a unicycle while your friends come in after they think your missing since you've been riding the unicycle for 5 years all alone in the dark, then your friends decide to move all the checker pieces since your blindfolded then after another 5 years you get off the unicycle and you look at the checker board and you are thinking to yourself how the heck did this happen?

Story 1/5:
I don't even know you find a book and you are transported into the world that was in the book.It was like the excuse teachers gave that if you read a book you will be in your own fantasy land.
It was very idiotic.

Final Verdict: 1/10
This game had great production value but it was horrible, if you are curious to play it don't.You are suicidal if you even think of buying this somewhere.No matter if its the last game on earth, humans will have to find aliens that have video games in a different galaxy for entertainment.You'd rather flush this game down the toilet then playing it for 10 hours..
I feel so bad for playing this game out of curiosity.
I'm sure people have different opinions but from my experiences it is horrible, so you people that love RPGs and adventures don't even consider playing Myst after reading this review.
It is an abomination of all of mankind.