Fun, addictive puzzles. Interesting story.

User Rating: 9 | Myst PC
Myst is a very simple straight forward game. You are a person stuck on an island that is made up of many puzzles that you must figure out to complete the game.
The puzzles themselves are not all that difficult to figure out, just simply addictive. It is simply the best Myst in the series in my opinion, the other ones require way to much to figure out and are at time very confusing about where to even go next.
The story in the game is fun to unravel because it is told in these video books that are very fuzzy and a lot of the information from them you are forced to use your best judgment to decide what was meant to be in the missing parts.
I recommend this game to people who like solving puzzles and enjoy getting involved with a simple story line. Logic is key in this game.