An average game. Not great, but not terrible or bad. This in fact reminds me of the PC game QIN.

User Rating: 8 | Myst DS
I've never played MYST before on PC. I also got this game from England, and even though everyone says it should work fine on US Nintendo DS there still seems to be problems I don't have with other games (like freezing up and sometimes taking long time to advance to next scene, and also I can't seem to take a picture of the star map on the machine, and most of all it sometimes starts me at a different start point in a certain age). Therefore I'm giving 8 more points to this game as a buffer (its already tacked on, so originaly the game should get 72)

This game reminds me in a lot of ways like QIN. In fact there's four different endings here and in that game. Plus moving around is difficult in both of these games.

At first the game might seem really hard, but even if you need a guide, you definately won't really need one on replay (except for maybe a glance).

Moving around is a hassle, just like in QIN. You use the stylus the whole entire time in this game too. But after awhile you sort of get the feel for things.

The graphics are fairly decent. There are about half a dozen different islands to score. And there you must solve a few cause-effect like puzzles to move on. The objective is to retrieve pages from certain books to help these people out (I won't spoil the whole thing).

The sound effects could be a bit better and more realistic (like as you move away from machines, their noises should quiet down OR when you shut a door it should quiet out the noise coming in from outside). But the music is breathtaking and digiztalized speech is awesome.

Overall satisfication is that this game is a bit short and most of the time your just trying to move around in the right direction (just like QIN).

If you liked QIN, this would definately be a MUST BUY. If your in it for the story or graphics you might want to reconsider (like RENT first (although I never rent video games or movies anymore)), or it get it USED at a lower price.