Where it all started.

User Rating: 9.3 | Myst PC
Made entirely off of a mac(shudder), Myst truly set the way for point-click adventure games to come, with amazing hard work put in it and the results speaking for themselves. They say no man is an island but in this case I'm gonna have to disagree...

Somehow you stumble upon the Myst book and get swept in this strange island with all sorts of buildings and things lying around for you to take a look at. Eventually you find 2 brothers trapped inside books trying to convince you to keep putting in pages to the books they're stuck in to set them free. You can either pick one of the brothers to help, or just go explore each place and find another way to "win" the game. The puzzles can be hard, but not too hard, they require just enough thought to be intriguing but not requiring a mathematics or physics degree(See the sequel for that...) The graphics at the time are top notch - Even now they're still easy on the eyes and imaginative in each of the ages you'll find.

The game can take from 8 hours on to 20+, it depends how clever and smart you can be with the clues you're given. HIghly reccomended in your library of PC games.