Such a strange and unsettling place, I review the legendary Myst.

User Rating: 8.5 | Myst PC

Developer: Cyan
Publisher: Broderbund
Platform: PC
Genre(s): Puzzle
Release Date: September 24, 1993

"I am not a fan of puzzles, I never have been. I remember shattering a perfectly good Playstation 2 controller after getting unforgivably angry at a puzzle in God of War II. I am not good at them, and I do not like them. That being said I can understand why others find enjoyment in puzzles so puzzle games need to exist. All that being said, I was not expecting to like Myst.

And to be honest, I see why the game is great. It is a beautiful game even by today's standards in my opinion. The feeling of mystery, awe, and maybe even a little fear that game instills is intoxicating and exploring this mysterious world is very enticing. I get it, and I do like the game. But, holy crap are there puzzles! Everywhere I turn a puzzle!

That being said I stand by several reviews I've read that have basically stated the "Myst is not a game, Myst is an experience." I fully and completely stand by that almost as much as I do "Skyrim is not a game, Skyrim is a way of life."

No instructions, no handholding, no dialogue, no tutorial, no people! Just you exploring and trying to figure out this mysterious and somewhat unsettling world. The whole world of Myst is actually one puzzle, just chopped down into many smaller ones.

This is a game that several of my friends have gotten I'd say seven of us have it, only three of us completed it. I being one of those through trial and error, many pulled strands of hair, phone calls, and Google. For those of you who enjoy puzzles don't do those last two as the puzzles are one of the best parts of this game, but then again there's so much about this game to like that's not saying much.

The big turn-off for me with Myst is after I completed it I have no want to go back through it, the puzzles don't change and I cannot recapture that feeling that I got the first time around. I imagine for others that's pretty much the same, so replayability is low.

A short review compared to some of my others I know, but there isn't much to say here besides...

In conclusion for fans of puzzle games they will be right at home here with Myst. I find it hard to believe that anybody reading this hasn't yet experienced this immersive game, if you haven't FOR THE LOVE OF ZOD PLAY MYST! For those like me who are turned off by puzzles, or demand their games to have explosions and guns look elsewhere for your entertainment.

+Beautiful environment and artwork
+Haunting and memorable music
+An odd and unsettling atmosphere
+Great Puzzle Game

-Replayability is limited

Gold Seal of Satisfaction