Buyer Beware. I hope the iPad Real Myst is what I want and its going to be available on iPad mini.

User Rating: 1 | Myst 3DS
What a total colossal let down of disaster.

This is no different than the DS Myst, except for 3D gameplay in the Rime age. That's right, 3D isn't available in any other age.

You see I had thought this was going to be like Real Myst, the game that's so scarce. I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited so long for this to come out and then I get this. All that wait for this?? FOR THIS?!?!?

To start off you do not get that cool intro scene where the camera floats over the water and into the dock.

Movement is very difficult and not user friendly, wait until you punch in the metal code, that's a pain!!

But speaking of movement its still point and click; its not 360 degree movement.

But what ultimately disappoints me is that there is no night or weather effects in the game LIKE WAS ADVERTISED ON THE MAKERS WEBSITE.

Maker! MAKER! Why'd you lie to us?!?!? How could you?!?!?

I mean this is a HUGE disappointment. Even the DS Myst wasn't that appreciated. I better you it's laughing at this version.

I mean this is 2012 and on the 3DS and it's no different, well actually worse than the Myst they released on the DS.