A great game for u and ur friends and a pretty easy story mode due to the wheel. But a bit expensive for what u get.

User Rating: 7.5 | MySims Racing WII
Personally, I like the game and its action. Its like mario kart but with customization and more action. Also problem with all wii games,terrible graphics puts it down. But putting multiplayer makes it action packed. But i bought the game for £30, not worth it for what u get. You need more content. But overall a good game to buy for the racing genre. Need more control over turning in pinball racetrack and also a better story line for story mode gets a bit repetitive. Their also 15 tracts that get more harder to drive around as you go through the circuit another thing is that each boss has his her own track that you to win in the final race. This game also has a few glitches but this might just be my console that has a technical problem also i think another way of improving is being able to get customization on preformance where u can't change a part for engine, steering and two others and you don't get much choice but this is very different to the styling side of car. Which has wide variety of choices making it great fun.